Vienna: Gutes Neues Jahr!

Hello from the other siiiyeeeiiiide!

Hey Friends!

We suck at blogging. Sorry.

Just got back to BarTHelona after a spontaneous trip to Vienna to take in the Christmas spirit. The undisputed best way to do so: wandering Christmas markets. The city went all out to decorate the streets. Stands serving mulled wine, beer, monstrous sausages, pastries and cakes were everywhere. ‘Twas a healthy time for all.

Christmas market by the Rathaus, the local term for the building where Vienna’s City Council meets. Feel free to let the dirty politician jokes flow.
Credit: Unknown interwebs photographer

We did not take the picture above but this pretty much sums up what the city looks like: ridiculously beautiful ornate buildings that the Austrians Christmas-ed the crap out of.  Joey was super impressed


Vier Things To Do in Vienna

1. Sit for hours and hours in cafes just chillin’, talking, reading and eating cake. This is socially acceptable here.


2. Watch an Opera. Every performance has 500 standing room tickets available for the grand total of (drum roll)…3 Euros! We saw an operatic version of Cinderella set in the ’50s in Italy. It was most delightful.  Here’s what the Opera House looks like.

Credit: Bogan Suditu Photography

3.  Mozart Ensemble

A string quartet dressed in ye olde finery, playing Mozart/Haydn…
@ Mozarthaus: Haus of Mozart 1784-1787

After someone cancelled last minute, we were fortunate enough to score seats front and center to a sold out show. This was surprisingly much more enjoyable than anticipated. My knowledge of classical music is limited to under appreciating high school music appreciation class and casting off the yoke of my mother’s forced piano and cello lessons. The musicians were incredibly skilled and clearly enjoyed performing with each other. Check them out if you get a chance!

4. After a side-trip to Budapest (pictures to come later) we returned to Vienna to ring in the New Year by raging Vienna Style: by waltzing in the streets!  We may or may not have learned how to waltz via Monkey See Monkey Do’s youtube series.

More to come on Budapest/Barcelona/Cuba.

Auf Wiedersehen!


7 thoughts on “Vienna: Gutes Neues Jahr!

  1. In the Mozart ensemble, are you sure it’s 3 dudes and 1 lady? Didn’t know cross-dressing was already in vogue. 😉

    Amazing trip and photos…I’m seriously jealous while I’m waiting for my next meeting about KPI…


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