Things learned in Cuba

Buildings are old, crumbling and beautiful.
Cars are old, crumbling and beautiful
Books are ___, ___, and _______
Therefore, people are quite good at fixing old things.
The streets of Centro (area of Havana we lived) are dirty, packed with people living veryclose to each other, teeming with LIFE, and gloriously noisy around the clock.
Some Cubans are known to adopt random Asian couples as the children they never had, then stick their pictures on their refrigerators.
Che = Cuban Kanye 
Cigars errwhere

Other Important Things learned in Cuba:

  • ATM cards do not work.
  • Credit Cards do not work.
  • There is a place called El Rapido that has little sammitches for 50 cents. If necessary, one can survive on these for quite some time.
  • In order to access the internet you have to wait in line, buy a card, then go to the one park in town that has WiFi.

Superhappyfun music time! 

The Orishas are a band from Cuba:  https://open.spotify.com/track/3u443qbzetPXOCCClulrQB

Kthatsit. If you have Cuba or Life related questions, please leave below as comments.

THANK YOU TO: Dan, Jenny, Mary, Jonathan y Gabriella for bailing our butts out!


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