Stopped by Berlin to hang out with Cousin Jen, who is doing an artist residency for a few months. The days have been cold and wet. The sun sets super early. This is why people live in California.

Despite all that, the city itself is awesome possum.

  • Berlin AirBNB

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.27.40 PM.png

Not pictured: Awesome Italian roomie, Paolo, who let us crash his dinner party. Dinner was three plus hours dinner and involved copious amounts of ins. Every positive stereotype about Italians being warm, great cooks and hosts was embodied in this dude.

Weird Other Country detail. The flat had a No Peeing Standing Up Rule, which is not that uncommon in other countries (I learned).


Kreuzberg is a cool area with a good mix of young uns, creative people, bush hippies and Turkish folk




  • Biking everywhere is a great way to see the city. A 4 day rental was only 25 Euros. When the clouds finally gave the sun a chance to shine, we biked to Templehof. It used to be an airport. It is now a pretty sweet park where people kiteboard (picture a skateboard with big ass wheels being pulled by a giant kite), grill, and chill.  Also, I have no idea why but biking down a Jet Runway feels great.


  • A wise woman recommended we go out at least one night but to not get started till 2 in the morn. This required a disco nap but the end result was getting to see how Berliners do. It was not an un-fun time.

Also checked out a Syrian refugee center and a holocaust memorial. Impressed by the depths of human resilience and capacity for evil. Hug your loved ones. Be grateful for being lucky enough to live in the First World. Enjoy a sunset. Peace




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