Sixty to Zero: Koh Lanta

Bangkok was like Manhattan on meth. Krabi/Ao Nang was like…Long Beach in Long Island?

Koh Lanta is much more mellow. There are still a fair amount of Westerners here but the beaches and roads are less crowded. The sand is oh so soft and the water is calm and clear. Life is good.

Three things to do in Koh Lanta:

  1. Lanta Animal Welfare!  A really cool lady founded this animal shelter to help deal with overpopulation and abuse of animals on the island. Much of the funds came from the profits made by Time for Lime, a cooking school/restaurant/guesthouse she runs. You can come tour behind the scenes of the operation and play with cats.  If you come early enough in the morning (9 AM – 10 AM ish to be safe) you get to take the dogs for a walk to the beach.
image4 copy.jpg
With Yak, who has six toes on his hind legs, and his packmate Sanchez.

2. Have breakfast at Drunken Sailor, which is on the southeastern area of the Koh Lanta. If you’ve spent your whole life waiting to walk into a restaurant that provides hammocks and bean bags for post meal naps, your wait is OVER!

@ DrunkenSailor, where beneath this hammock…
Was this kitty cyat
Thai tattoo artists across the street from Drunken Sailor tried to talk me into getting some ink


3. Chill hard AF. This is a great place to do kick back and do NATHAN.


Klong klong beaches in the middle of Ko Lanta is supposed to be bad because it’s rocky. But there’s something dope about the tide pools and rockiness, no?

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