Siem Reap

Siem Reap can be translated as Defeat of Siam. What’s that about? Old school Cambodians (Khmer Empire) and Old School Thais (Empire of Siam) had beef like Biggie/Pac,Team Edward/Team Jacob, Yankees/Sox, Insert cultural reference thingie here.

Okay that’s your historical knowledge of the day.

Temples, temples and temples.

Everybody goes to Angkor Wat at the buttcrack of dawn to sit on the shores of a lake and watch the sun come over it. It’s a bit of a mob scene but still kinda cool.

To avoid the unwashed masses, you can go to the other 3 temples that are open before dawn.

Here’s one of them, Prerup, at sunrise.

The only other person here was a staff member
So we conversated for a little bit.


Empty temples = an opportunity to take photos without random dudes in cargo shorts in the background of every single pic you snap. Check it!

Better to be looking up at people?
or down on them? DEEP!
Watch the sun come up
Read a book


Get your fitness on. Tuesdays are Leg Days.


Ta Prohm


Everyone was taking a picture of something across from this wall.
But the wall itself is  kindasorta interesting. No?


Our guide gave him permission to lift it. I guess there’s a reason they needed elephants to move them giant blocks of sandstone.

Random Siem Reap knowledge:

  • Wandering ruined temples is much more enjoyable when you have some idea of the history & meaning of your surroundings. Hiring a guide is totally worth it IF you get a guide that can speak your language well. Gotta give it up to Cambodian guides who I heard speaking Chinese, Korean, German, Portuguese, Spanish and English. Not all guides are created equal.  The guide we hired for Day 2 @ Tah Prohm had shaky English. Which would have been fine except he also didn’t really seem to be into people or history. I stopped to ask another guide for directions to the bathroom and he turned out to speak almost flawless English and had a great sense of humour. If you’d like to hire him check out Ayana Journeys and ask for Yut Chhon.

Contact Info: +855 (0) 12.348.683

  • GRUB: There are decent options on Pub Street but if you’re on a budget the street stalls had some damn good noodles for $1-$2 and didn’t cause any stomach issues.
  • In the same building where Swensen’s Ice Cream is, you can find  a private movie theater. You show up whenever you want and book a private air conditioned room where you can kick back with some popcorn, soda and watch the DVD of your choice. Also if you want to there are giant stuffed animals you can ride around the second floor of the shopping center on.

kthat’sit! Come and spread your arms if you really need a hug!

Next stop: Phnom Penh



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