Pii Mai

Lao New Year aka Pii Mai is now officially the undisputed, best holiday ever.

Water is used for washing homes, Buddha images, and monks. Students first respectfully pour water on their elders, then monks for blessings of long life and peace, and last of all they throw water..at everybody.

You got elephant parades, regular parades and the entire country shuts down to turn up. There’s definitely drinking and partying going on but overall everything felt very wholesome and it was cool to see everyone in the family from infants to grandmama all celebrating together.

The best place to celebrate Pii Mai? Luang Prabang. Why? Because these crazy people get so hyped they start ambushing people with water and partying 3-4 days before the official start (April 13th), stretching the festivities to an entire week.

Peep it!

The best part of this scene are the old ladies on the balcony just hanging out.


Are they not totes adorbs?


Traffic gets backed up but people seem to take it in stride…






We met Corinne on our way to Si Phan Don and then said our goodbyes. Lo and behold a week late she checks into the same guesthouse we’re staying in mit our new friend Linda. Destiny! Reunited, we wreaked havoc on the streets of Luang Prabang.


Armed to the teeth. Jeah.


HIGHLY recommend planning a trip to Laos in April. Buy some water guns, get a waterproof case for your phone and if you’re super ambitious…set up your own pickup truck with speakers and kiddie pool full of water.


Peace and Love.

Next stop: Hanoi!




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