Ha Long Bay

Hola Amigos! Sorry it’s been unacceptably long since the last update. ¬†Attempts will be made to update frequently, which will hopefully alleviate procrastination born from dreading sorting through thousands of photos.

Here are some brief glimpses into a little 2 night trip we took to Halong Bay. If you’re on the fence about making the trip because of negative review you’ve read, hopefully this helps.

Yes it’s a bummer because at many junctures you can see garbage floating in the bay. It’s still pretty beautiful though and it was fun kayaking around and exploring little islands with beaches just big enough for a handful of people.

2016 World Trip 1247
Proof you can own a dog anywhere
2016 World Trip 1263
At Nam Cat Resort, an itty bitty little resort built at the base of a limestone karst that we stayed at.

2016 World Trip 1268

2016 World Trip 1284
Our noble steed, where we had a sleepover party for the first night.
Even if the colored lights are a bit…not your style, this giant cave was found by some random French ladies and used as a shelter during “The American War”¬†
2016 World Trip 1214
There were other boats in the vicinity during our boat sleepover. It kinda created a camp atmosphere!
2016 World Trip 1186
We stopped by a pearl farm to learn how pearls are made. No one bought anything and our tour company never pressured us so it was a chill little stop.

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