Sapa es Guapa

Sapa is:

  • a town in the mountains of Northwest Vietnam
  • full of interesting minorities from different hill tribes
  • pretty AF

We took an overnight sleeper train from Hanoi. It was not bad at all! One of us slept like a rock, the other not so much.

Random Sapa things y’all should know about:

Random staircase behind the “Amazing Hotel” If you take this staircase you will see that while Sapa appears to be a small touristy mountain town, there’s this just a few meters beyond the main streets. You kindasorta get the payoff of trekking..without having to walk 8 hours a day. Lazy people rejoice!




Cafe in The Clouds: Views are not bad.



Chill at this place below. Other than when the market’s there, it’s a good chance to see locals in a setting other than them selling things to you.


Stairwell barbecue: While walking the streets of Sapa at night, you’ll see a small grill set up in a wide stairwell between streets. On the landing between flights of stairs, are your standard tiny tables and tiny plastic chairs. Stop here and gorge on skewers.


Sapa Dragon Hotel: Incredible service and bang for the buck value. Every room has a giant laptop to use. They packed us breakfast and woke up at 5 AM to give them to us. Check ’em out








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