I Know You Got Seoul !

Waddup Humans!

We are in the motherland (of one of us) aka Seoul and it is pretty neat-o. Much like Germany, Japan, and Taiwan everything here is clean and just works. There is an embarrassment of riches in terms of neighborhoods to explore, foods to try, culture, people watching and shopping. The most difficult part is probably deciding what to do.

Whilst looking for tickets for a night-time palace tour, it came to our attention that one can attend a holographic K-pop concert starring Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1 for the low,low price of…twelve dollars. Who says no to that?!



The holograms were super realistic. The best part is taking a selfie in a booth before the concert and then seeing your faces superimposed on the backup dancers. Sadly..no photos or videos were allowed. But most definitely worth every cent!

After the short, 30 minute concert we wandered over to…

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

There’s a TON of stuff at this newly developed plaza. Click the link above to get the full list. We had an unexpectedly good time here.

Dongdaemun Plaza or as the locals call it, the UFO building
We caught a performance by two amazing female guitarists. One of them sang very soulful, countryish songs in English and Korean.


The inside of the UFO

Part of the reason why we had such an awesome time here was that we stumbled onto THE 2016 Kpop Cover Dance Competition featuring young uns from around the world covering the dances from their favorite Kpop music videos. There were teams from Russia (two!), Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Korea , the Phillipines and the most adorable 15 year old..sisters..or twins? from Atlanta, USA that killed it. It was a not un-fun experience. Check it:

Other Random Observations:

  • Korean people…everywhere. Familiar-ish but also feels a bit odd.
  • People here are PALE. After spending the last few months trekking about SE Asia, I am the darkest person up in this piece. Since I never burn, I’ve always thought of myself as being a member of the tribe of The People Of The Sun. Now I’m doubting myself. Perhaps I’m not meant to be in the sun at all?!

Kthat’sit…for now. More to come from Seoul.

L8r Sk8trs