Hongdae + Cheonggyecheon stream


So far, the most fun neighborhood to walk around in Seoul.

Hordes and hordes of young folk. Many little side streets filled with boutiques, vintage shops, cafes, and restaurants. But the best part? Free entertainment.

In one little square was a pretty nasty finger style geetarist and a hip hop dance troupe battling each other and doing choreographed numbers.

This man was an entertainer. Peep his youtube channel here


Yes, this is the best angle I could get without elbowing through people.

A young dance crew. This dude was in lazy drag I guess?


Small shop with a craftsman who makes lamps, out of everything. I want the book lamp.


Cheonggyecheon stream

Story time!

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little stream running right through the center of Seoul. After the Korean war, the masses descended upon the city in search of a better life. They built shanty towns and threw all manners of filth into this stream.

As the city developed through the 60s, the powers that be said ‘Man, this stream is nasty. Let’s cover it up with concrete.’

It was sad.

Then in 2003, the mayor of Seoul initiated a project to removed the elevated highway, and restore the stream to it’s former glory because he thought that having a pleasant little stream in the middle of a hectic city…might be nice. It ended up costing 900 MEEEELLION dollars.

People were pissed.

But then the project was completed. People found that having a pleasant little stream in the middle of a hectic city…was nice.

They were happy.

Urban Renewal. It’s the bee’s knees.


Also, pictures!


When I grow old, I want to be like this man. Also, peep the bird!


This little dude came down to try to snack on the little fish in the stream.



Everyone sitting around love it. This man was napping HARD tho…


Hoooookay. That’s it for now.

Hug somebody today and hold it till they’re a little uncomfortable.




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