In accordance with Korean Tourist Law Number 18, Section 82, when one visits South Korea, one must stop by Jeju-Do, which btw should be romanized as Jeju-Dough.

Cuz that’s how you say it.

Rainy season in Jeju-Do starts right about now (mid Juneish). That meant there were alternating days of heavy rain and then gorgeous sunny weather during the past week there. This is not a completely terrible pattern as it allows you to alternate your days like this:

Rainy day: Go to museums like the Haenyo Museum (most interesting IMHO) or revel in the kitscheesiness of Hello Kitty Land, the Teddy Bear Musuem,etc. Focus on relaxing and having delicious hot seafood stews (which go perfectly with soju), Jeju’s famous black pork (also perfect w/soju), and fresh hwae (sashimi..perfect w/soju).

If you’re a lazy traveler, it’s wonderful to chill out and read a book/watch funny Korean reality TV without feeling like you should be out and about doing something else.

Bonus effect of rain: The day after it rains, waterfalls tend to be really good at making water fall action happen.

Sunny days: Nature stuff. There’s tons you can do.

We had to choose between hiking Hallasan aka Halla Mountain and walking Olle Trail Number 7. Olle Trail won because it seemed like a more unique to Jeju type of option. There are mountains all over Korea.

Some things we saw during the four hour walk:

I spy with my little eye
Dudes + Fishing + Drinking
Never complain about how far your friends live again


Hamdeok Beach




This was some pretty fresh seafood. You can eat ’em alive or dunk ’em into the bubblin’ stew. Or try one each way.

A not small snail
Shaved Icea + Condensed Milk + Sweet red beans + Mochi-like things in a copper bowl to keep it all cold. D-LISH
Jeju Black Pork. Tasty and THICK. Peep the chopsticks for scale. 

On some islands there are pretty, magical waterfalls you can swim underneath.

This was more of the you will probably die if you swim underneath this variety.


A natural, ocean-side swimming pool!




We wish you were hear to explore and eat yummy things with us.

Next stop: Busan!


5 thoughts on “Jeju-Do

  1. Make sure you have the hallabong oranges. We bought like 20 lbs of them… So good. Best oranges I’ve ever had in my life!


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