Busan, South Korea

Busan, formerly known as Pusan is the second largest city in South Korea located all the way on the southern-most tippity of the east coast of the Korean peninsula.

Population 3.6 million, which seems small relative to Seoul (10 million, ranked 16th globally).

That’s still about the same amount of people in LA (3.8M) or Berlin (3.5M)

In no particular order, things we done:

Caught a Lotte Giants game at Sajik Stadium

IMG_2173   Quite possibly, the most fun you’ll ever have at a baseball game. Why? The seats were pretty sweet for 12,000 won (roughly $10 US). Each team has it’s own cheering general and dance team. As each batter comes up, they have their own personal song and dance that is performed by every single fan in the stadium. The visiting team also has it’s own section. This is where we unwittingly were placed when we bought tickets right before the game.  This ended up being perfect because the visiting Samsung Lions had THE BEST cheer general and songs, far superior to the home team. Check it: IMG_4200

IMG_4197 IMG_4191


Haeundae Beach

Low key funny thing. We came here on a random Monday night. This band 잼잼 was setting up to play. Kids were setting off fireworks in the background just cuz.

Minor problem: Their drummer was super late

Random drunkish dude off the street crept on the drums. Then just sat down and started playing the drums with his hands. Someone found a pair of drumsticks for him after a song or two.

Problem solved.





Gamcheon Cultural Village

This is essentially one of the oldest neighborhoods in Korea as Busan was the one city that didn’t get completely destroyed during the Korean War. It was built on a hill with the houses on terraced levels to not obstruct their neighbors’ views. They’ve done a great job of integrating art installations and a healthy dose of kitsch into the area.

Overall an amusing few hours of learning, snacking, and strolling.

The bus takes you close to Gamcheon, then you climb up a sizeable hill through a warren of tiny, little alleyways.






Korea, land of matching outfits for couples and friends. 



Last but most definitely not least, JjimJilbangs.

Spa Land in Centum City was the bees knees. Once you get over walking around in your birthday suit around members of the same sex, it’s pretty damn relaxing. There’s a sizeable co-ed area to hang out in as well. Watching korean dramas in a bathrobe, on a heated marble floor while eating cup ramen = true luxury.



Ok y’all. That’s it.

Next stop: Ethiopia!



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