Guess where we be?

It turns out everywhere we wanted to go in Africa is either monsooning, hot as balls or very kidnap-y at the moment. Audible: To Italia!

Italy in August is also hot. But safe, delightful and ridiculously tasty.

Touristy things worth doing:

The Coliseum & The Roman Forum

Opera. Apparently Italians have some type of history with Opera. We watched one at the Baths of Caracalla, a public bath built by the Romans sometime in the 200s. We splurged on good seats for Nabucco. Nabucco is the Italian name for King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon.


King Nabucco was a homicidal maniac looking to obliterate Israel. For some reason the people in charge of both Babylon and Israel keep having Ismaele (an Israelite) and Fenena (a Babylonian princess) guard each other as hostages. They help each other escape because they’re crazy in love. They are then entrusted with guard duty once again. Absolutely no one speaks up against this.

Actual ancient ruins being used as background. Cool.


May we all age to be fit. Fit and badass.


Pigneto is a cool hood. Formerly working class. Now artsy. Familiar story.



How to feel super tall.
Almost skipped the Forum entirely. Very happy we didn’t
Also we’re dying our hair just cuz

Next stop: Napoli!


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