A long time ago, when an American discovered Italy, he came to Napoli.

He asked the residents “Where am I?”

“Napoli” they responded. 

“What’s that you said? Naples?”

“Nah fam, It’s Napoli. Naaahhh- Po – Lee”

“Ok then. Naples it is!”

Ever since then it’s been called Naples. Residents still stubbornly cling to the Italian pronunciation.

Three random Napoli facts:

  1. Oldest continuously inhabited city in the world
  2. Source of all that is good in the world: Pizza
  3. 98.5% of residents are Italian

Our Rome AirBNB host said to watch out for mafia in Naples. A random internet person said Naples was too dirty for their taste. Much like the time your mother warned you to not go to Brooklyn “because people get stabbed there!”, they was wrong.

Napoli is great. It’s more vibrant than Rome and Florence. Kids are underfoot. People are shouting at each other from their balconies. Think of the opening scene from Beauty and the Beast, only with “Buongiorno” in place of “Bonjour”.







One of my favorite pieces of art. Recovered from Pompeii.



Can’t explain why I like this. The thought of someone sculpting this pre AD 79 is awesome. I’d bet you anything she/he was someone you’d invite to your house party.



These shrines were all over the place.



Quite possibly the most beautiful escalator I’ve ever ridden. Part of a train station. F’reals. 

Kthat’sit. Wish y’all were here exploring and eating with us on our travels.



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