Firenze a.k.a. Florence

We stayed in Florence for a month. It was a welcome break from the cycle of repeating the process of packing/unpacking and getting our bearings in a new locale.

3 Random Florence Facts:

  1. Chiuso per Ferie. During August many Florentines escape the heat and go on holiday for a few weeks. Lots of things are closed.
  2. Once upon a time the Pazzis, the second most powerful family in Florence, conspired to take out the Medicis (# 1) by assassinating Lorenzo Medici (ruler of Florence) and his brother Giuliano during Easter Mass. Francesco D’ Pazzi leapt out and stabbed Giuliano 19 times in the middle of church. That was rude. Lorenzo escaped. Things went not so greatly for the Pazzis afterwards. 
  3. Fact # 2 was so juicy, you don’t need a 3rd one.

What does one do in Florence for a month?

Go to your local piazza every morning to buy fresh produce.
Marvel at the fact that even the doorbells are old and beautiful.
Walk the streets at night.
Sit on the bridges spanning the Arno river to catch a sunset.
They are not shabby.
Mornings are swell as well.

Touristy Things Done

Galileo Museum: If you’re at all into science, history and beautiful things, this is up your alley. We came at about 2-3 PM, got shooed out of the museum at closing and totally could have spent more time here. Grab an early lunch and then stay here till you get your mental fill.

If I ever win the lotto, this will be my first frivolous purchase.


16th century table clock



Uffizi Gallery: Worth it. Go early in the morning and you won’t have to wait too long. My favorite painting was The Annunciation and Two Saints by Simone Martini. If you could find an artist with incredible skill, this would make a killer tattoo.

Hey Mary. It’s me, Gabriel!
You’ve never been with a man but guess are very pregnant.
This is not pleasing. 
Attention to detail.

Duomo Museum. Can’t say whether you should go but..peep this crazy giant golden door.


Climbing ______ (insert landmark) to get a bird’s eye view of Florence. Definitely recommend. After all, you’ve been inhaling all those carbs to prepare to climb those stairs…right? IMG_5007

FYI: I would grab an early lunch at All’Antico Vinaio. Tasty sandwiches for just 5 Euro. Long live cheap eats!

They take this beautiful Porchetta…
and put it in between fresh n tasty bread.

The Summer sandwich was also good. Much lighter than the Porchetta but still satisfying and fresh.


Make some tea. Put on some music. Breathe. Ciaociao!


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